What better way to take in the fresh air whilst hiking through our stunning British countryside, relaxing with some of nature’s most beautiful creatures?

Walking alongside our calm, kind donkeys is something any outdoor animal loving enthusiast should definitely get involved with. Since the beginning of time donkeys have been synonymous with friendship and loyalty. Both adults and children see the world in a very different light when they take the journey with Jenny’s Donkeys. 


Contact us to find out when the next donkey walk is, or to organise your own group walk with Jenny’s Donkeys.  


Interaction between donkeys and humans can enrich the lives of both. Donkeys are very social animals and like company. They develop very strong emotional attachments with others. 


At the beginning of the trek everyone is encouraged to take the opportunity to meet all the donkeys and become comfortable with their stoic personalities. In readiness for the adventures of the day, the donkey trek leader will make a brief introduction to the group with some interesting facts, notes of safety and most importantly where the picnic stop is intended to be!

Trekkers are invited to lead the donkeys and although the donkeys do not carry people, the larger donkeys are more than happy to help carry light picnics on their specially made saddle pads. 

Emotional and Physical Benefits

For the trekkers - The donkey's loving, kind and quiet nature is given to providing emotional and physical benefits for all. Donkeys have a unique presence and engagement with people and provide a truly wonderful friendship to those who often least expect it. Adults find the experience uplifting and children find a fresh love for long walks. 


Various route options are available to suit all ages and abilities and none of the walking routes are strenuous. In addition to standard donkey treks, specific therapy trek sessions are designed to help develop life skills, specifically self-esteem, empathy and managing emotions in vulnerable children and adults alike. The animal outdoor encounter helps them develop the emotional and psychological capacity to deal with challenging and stressful situations in the real world. Sessions with the donkeys also help develop adaptive and positive behaviour and promote positive changes in attitude towards others. 


For the donkeys – When gifted with the job of caring for these wonderful animals it is vital that part of their welfare is to ensure the herd keeps active and stimulated. Fit, healthy donkeys in the wild spend most of their time foraging for food and honing their survival instincts. Regular exercise not only helps with the physical health of the donkeys, but the mental agility and well-being of the donkeys is as important too. Providing enrichment activities such as walking as a herd in company is a vital part of caring for them. Donkeys react positively to human contact; they actively seek out interaction and engage in positive relationships.

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