Meet our cherished family of donkeys on our days out. Bookings taken for children's rides or special visits and appearances, magical photo opportunities and cuddles with our beautiful team. We’re proud to actively promote the enjoyment and value of these gentle animals, in turn encouraging and campaigning for the welfare and protection of donkeys worldwide. First and foremost all our donkeys are our pets and we love them as part of the family. Do come and say hello if you find us out and about. Thank you.


We're Scotland's only string of fully licensed professional riding donkeys and Scotland’s largest provider of highly experienced special appearance donkeys.

  • The Wedding Donkeys
  • Children's Parties, Garden Parties, Celebrations
  • Birthday Parties
  • Festive, Nativities and Seasonal Gatherings
  • Theatre, Film and Television Work
  • Fetes, Carnivals, Shows, Beaches, Fun Days, Galas, Festivals
  • 'Dinky Donkeys' with bells and baskets of Easter eggs or Christmas mistletoe and Santa treats       
  • Schools and Education, Clubs
  • Special Needs Schools and Groups    
  • Corporate Events, Promotions, Openings, Product Launches
  • Parks, Shopping Centres, Visitor Venues, Parades
  • Care Homes, Day Centres, Community Groups, Churches

Care Donkeys

Our group of extra specially trained care donkeys enjoy hospital calls, care home visits and spending time at special needs schools where the donkey's loving, kind and quiet nature is given to providing emotional and physical benefits for all. Donkeys have a unique presence and engagement with people and provide a truly wonderful surprise to make someone's day.


Educational Donkeys

Teachers can’t believe the interaction our donkeys encourage when we visit schools, often amongst pupils who may otherwise not be known for having the confidence to take part. They often see relaxation and calming results for those in need of focus. We inspire discussion and share intriguing facts and stories about the children’s new friends. Everyone can take a brush, hold and help lead these big-hearted creatures too. We find that inviting the children out of the classroom for positive interaction with animals imparts responsibility and empathy and we get great pleasure from what we do.


Children’s Rides

Donkey rides have been a long established entertainment and attraction for years. In fact they have been available in the UK since 1886. It is probable that the donkeys offered to ride on were originally working draught animals in the cockle industries around the coast. Back then UK donkeys carried adults too… thankfully our donkeys will never be asked to do that. Children riding at a nice walking pace is just perfect for our four legged friends. Our donkeys look great and they love their days out as much as the children do. When our donkeys are on tour we pride ourselves on the excellent feedback from the event organisers and families we meet up and down the country. Here at Jenny’s Donkeys we’re Scotland's only string of fully licensed professional riding donkeys and we believe we stand out on top nationally by providing the whole pristine package for any and all occasions. Our diary does fill up in advance so please do contact us with your date(s) as soon as possible if you’re looking to have us at your event. 

The Wedding Donkeys

“Thank you for the treasured presence of pure friendship and loyalty...”

Adored by you and your guests both tiny and tall. Traditionally your gorgeous mascots are said to bring luck and to protect and guide you on your journey. They carry a small bespoke keepsake with them on their bridles just for you to take with you into the future as a symbol of love and good fortune. Photographs are priceless and unique. They can welcome you and your guests and if required can wear saddle baskets full of petals for your flower girls to sprinkle, deliver buttonholes or sweeties and keep your smallest guests amused for the whole day. Why not let us saddle up after the ceremony so the children can enjoy rides and add more extra special memories to your big day?


Happy Donkeys

Welfare and care is our top priority. Our donkeys are approved by registered Vets each year to ensure excellent standards of care. Our expert team at the stables ensure our donkeys are turned out bright and beautiful every time and our fully trained friendly staff accompany every donkey on hire. 


Our Friends

"A huge thank you to the guys at Jenny's Donkeys yesterday at Aden Park. My son is profoundly deaf and has autism, the guys were great with him and he was just so so happy. Finlay just loves Donkeys. He has been telling everyone he was on a donkey. Thank you for your kind help with Finlay. I wish more people were like you guys xx"


"Isla and the very handsome Barney. She enjoyed her donkey ride so much she had to go back for another go!! Thank you Jenny’s Donkeys."


"My 2 girls LOVED meeting the donkeys today at den in the glen. The donkeys and staff were so lovely, patient and chatty lots of happy kids! Thank you very much."


"Our twins had a lovely time meeting the donkeys at den and the glen today. The donkeys were in fabulous condition and clearly well cared for. The owners were fab with the children who had a lovely time. Thank you :)"


"We had hired two of Jenny's donkeys for a surprise bridal shower this week and it was incredible! Everyone was so friendly, and the donkeys were extremely well cared for. We had the best day meeting Barney and McGrew and I'm sure it won't be the last time we see them! Would definitely recommend to anybody."


"We met you at Lairg today along with Cuthbert and McGrew - what absolutely beautiful and well looked after donkeys! My daughter loved getting a wee shot and a cuddle. You guys were so lovely as well. Will be looking out for you at future events."


"It was great to meet your donkeys and you and your family. Our residents at Northcote Lodge Care Home really enjoyed them and we have some great photographs."


"Was a delight to meet you. The feedback has been brilliant and we can’t thank you enough."


"Everyone loved your donkeys, including us! Thank you so much for attending."


Jenny’s Donkeys is proudly owned by George Walker Event Management Ltd.

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